3 Card Monte
2012, text work, first published in Monaco volume 6


A: Let me start by asking you about the note that you emailed to me in preparation for this visit. I’ll read it out:

Four paintings as thick as grass.
They weren’t like this before.
They’ve been ironed flat.
Last time they were funnelled, siphoned. Now scrubbed.
Mix ochre with egg, get yolk.
Also high-vis and marrow together
And a Blue Map.
Fuck, I’ve dropped beetroot on my trousers

We are sat here in your studio with four paintings on the table in front of us. These could feasibly be the paintings you described in the note. Each painting is roughly 40cm square, and consists largely of flat areas of bright colour, gouache on paper.

B: Watercolour

A: Watercolour, my mistake, sorry.


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