Love's Hidden Symmetry
Three channel HD video installation,
75 mins, 2013 - 2016

Love’s Hidden Symmetry is a large scale video project, which incorporates footage produced over several months of intensive collaboration with a group of actors. The work focuses on intricate flows of power within a friendship group of four main characters. Action is played out through semi-structured improvisation. Time is led by the character’s experience of events unfolding, remembered and imagined, clock time falls away within a landscape of melodramatic relationships.

Performed by
Fiona Sagar, Jennifer Greenwood
Tamarin McGinley, Lillian Schiffer
Jacky Bahbout

Ruaidhri Ryan
Paul Simon Richards

Additional Crew
Edward Tucker, Joseph Walsh, Jason Dungan,
Fritz stolberg, Joseph Evans, Jonathan Boyd
Mette Juhl Hammer, Roman Sheppard Dawson
Andrew Smith

Additional Cast
Jane Lee, Victoria Bilton, Sara Bispham
Lindsay Fraser, Lauren Heward
Karina Knapinska, Pearl Mackie
Sofia Pejemskaya, Elena Saurel
Amy Shone, Ela Ciecierska

With special thanks to
Claire Hooper, Eddie Peake, Edward Gilman,
Victor Fischl, Ahmi Kim, Elenor Hellis,
Pauline Forster, The George Tavern