Tell me your dream. Make it succinct and make it spectacular.
Curated by Claire Hooper & Paul Simon Richards
2015, HD Video, 26 mins

A series for the one minutes -


No, really. I am listening... go on then...
Well, start from the beginning again.
Tell me your dream, but make it succinct and make it spectacular


Artists (in sequence)

Olivier Castel
Motoko Ohinata
Sebastian Buerkner
Joseph Walsh
Helen Benigson
Nicholas Byrne
Jason Dungan
Charlotte Prodger
Eddie Peake
Olly Coltman
Sanne Luteijn
Kenichi Iwasa
Lisa Jugert
Heather Phillipson
Adham Faramawy
Andy Lacey
Gerard Ortin
Witte van Hulzen
Dallas Seitz
Clunie Reid
Frank Ter Horst
Margaret Haines
Adrian Alecu

Premiere at Cave Cinema, Reykjavík International Film Festival, September 2015
Photographer: Óskar Kristinn Vignisson