Quasi-Monte Carlo

2K video, 40 mins, July 2018


Split the screen (2 minds at least)
Get rid of the static.
Notice there is a second mind. Maybe more?
[laughs] I mean That’s a big thing to notice.


A Paul Simon Richards film [or production]
in association with
Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network
and Arts Council England

Performed by: Jacky Bahbout
Music: Kenichi Iwasa
Producer: Ali Roche
Lead 3D Modeller: Jay Wood
Python Scripting: Adam Heslop
Costume design: Claire Hooper

Head of Artists’ Moving Image: Maggie Ellis
Senior FLAMIN Manager: Rose Cupit
FLAMIN Production Officer: Greta Hewison

Special thanks to: Arcade, Jacques Bahbout, Hulya Biren, Jean-Christophe Cavallin, Annik Daniel, Axel Hoppenot, Monte Carlo Sociétés des Bains de Mer, Casino Monte Carlo, Jesper Mortensen, Christian Mooney, Adam Wilt,

With support from: Arts Council England, Central St. Martins Research, CLO Virtual Fashion Inc., Pixologic, Ranch Computing, 3D Quakers, University of the Arts London Research.