Quasi-Monte Carlo

2K video, 40 mins, July 2018


Split the screen (2 minds at least)
Get rid of the static.
Notice there is a second mind. Maybe more?
[laughs] I mean That’s a big thing to notice.


A Paul Simon Richards film
in association with
Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network
and Arts Council England

Performed by: Jacky Bahbout
Costume design and styling, script advisor: Claire Hooper
Music: Kenichi Iwasa
Director of Photography: Ruaidhri Ryan
Lead 3D Modeller: Jay Wood
Additional performance: Alison de Suze
Fluid Dynamics: Adam Guzowski
Python Scripting: Adam Heslop
Production assistant: Jess Heritage
Ideas advisor: Harper-Jane Pearl Glory Richards

Head of Artists’ Moving Image: Maggie Ellis
Senior FLAMIN Manager: Rose Cupit
FLAMIN Production Officer: Greta Hewison

Special thanks to: Alessio Antoniolli, Arcade, Jacques Bahbout, Hulya Biren, Jean-Christophe Cavallin, Annik Daniel, Axel Hoppenot, Monte Carlo Sociétés des Bains de Mer, Casino Monte Carlo, Joel Furness,
Gasworks, Jesper Mortensen, Christian Mooney, Guilhem Monceaux, John Richards, Maggie Richards, Kate Roberts, Spike Island, Adam Wilt, Shoni Vaknin, University of the Arts London Research, CLO Virtual Fashion Inc., Pixologic, 3D Quakers,

With support from: Arts Council England, Central St. Martins, Ranch Computing,